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    Understanding Unconscious Bias - “It’s them, not me!”

    Date: March 23, 2022, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
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    Understanding Unconscious Bias

    with Andrew Botwin

    “It’s them, not me!”  Many of your employees believe issues of bias are the result of other people, not themselves.  The truth is, we ALL HAVE BIAS.   As an HR community, this interest on understanding bias has grown over recent years; more recently, equality both in the workplace and in matters of social injustice have brought the subject to the forefront. As a result, we now have new opportunities to understand better address this challenge. Understanding implicit bias creates possibilities to enhance relationships both in the community and within our organizations. As human resource professionals, organizations will expect and/or ask you to take a leadership role.  Are you as an HR leader prepared and ready to better educate your employees? This interactive session will frame the conversation to further educate you on the truths around bias, explanations of different ways bias can manifest itself and discuss the impact on your employees and organizations.  Get prepared to more confidently to take this conversation to the next level. Specifically to positively impact the success of your organization as well as your communities.

    This presentation will cover the foundational groundwork discussion on bias. It will discuss how bias impacts social situations, attitudes, cultures and emotional reactions. In addition it will cover the impact of bias on co-workers, clients and job performance and organizational success.


    The learning objectives for this session are:

    •        Better understand what Unconscious Bias is; an expanded understanding of different forms of bias, where it comes from and how as HR professionals, you can identify it.

    •        Realization that EVERYONE has biases; particularly elevate individual participants awareness that they themselves have biases and begin understanding what this heightened self-awareness can do to help them and their organizations address bias challenges.

    •        Understanding Bias impact on the work environment.