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    Mindfulness at Work to Increase Employee Well-being and Productivity

    Date: November 13, 2019, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
    Dorian’s Restaurant, 555 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ
    $35.00 for Gateway SHRM members; $40.00 for non-Gateway members
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    Mindfulness at Work to Increase Employee Well-being and Productivity

    Few of us can go to work and leave all our personal or family issues at the door. As technology allows us to become more able to multi-task, it also blurs the line between personal life and work life. Stress from one world is easily carried over to the other. More and more employees are feeling the burden of “being “available” around the clock. According to the American Institute of Stress, the top two main causes of stress are “workload” and “juggling work and personal lives.” Job stress has been demonstrated to be associated with increased rates of heart attack, hypertension, and mental health disorders. Despite “ability to multi-task” being a commonly required skill at workplace, research in neuroscience tells us that our brain is not equipped to do heavy-duty multitasking. It actually works most efficiently when it can focus on a single task for a long period of time. Multi-tasking – performing several tasks at the same time – overloads the brain, causes it to pump out unusual amount of stress hormones, which puts a person “on edge.” In this interactive session, you will learn about mindfulness – a wellness technique to help you be present, focused, and paying attention to the task at hand. Mindfulness is a proven practice that can reduce stress, improve well-being, prevent work-induced illnesses, and increase productivity. Come to learn about mindfulness as a philosophy, a personal health practice, and a workplace productivity tool so you can incorporate it in your personal/professional life as well as your company’s health and wellness program.


    Learning Objectives: Upon completion, you will be able to:

    • Define “mindfulness”

    • Understand the underlying theory and research of mindfulness

    • Gain knowledge about mindfulness as a self-care technique

    • Practice the techniques of mindfulness yourself

    • Identify “stressors” at work and define its impact on employees’ well-being

    • Explain how mindfulness improves productivity, personal well-being and reduces occupational illnesses

    • Identify ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily work life and workplace wellness programs

    About the Speaker: Larry Thompson is a licensed clinical social worker and founding partner of Integrated Care Concepts & Consultation (ICC&C) in Eatontown. Founded in 2006, ICC&C provides comprehensive care that integrates medicine, psychotherapy, and mind-body interventions for individuals of all ages. In addition to counseling and therapy, Thompson and his colleagues deliver seminars and workshops throughout the state of N.J. for licensed professionals, business leaders, and community groups to educate the public on mental health awareness and self-care for personal well-being. Thompson is a graduate of New York University School of Social Work. Prior to creating ICC&C, he held various clinical leadership positions in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Throughout his career, he has helped numerous adult and young workers deal with mental and emotional challenges, such as burn-out, stress, anxiety, depression, and substance use that affect personal as well as professional effectiveness. Thompson brings a holistic approach to improving workforce and workplace well-being