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    Bridge the Divide Between Global Business & Geographic Boundaries 2017 Corporate Immigration Law

    Date: March 22, 2017, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
    Dorrian’s, 555 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ
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    Today, in our global economy, human resource leaders are faced with the task of not only findingsufficiently qualified workers, but also having to deal with the maze of U.S. immigration issues when they arise in the employment context, including caps and quotas, limitations of stay, delays in processing, security clearance delays at U.S. Consulates abroad and interruptions of employment that are often inherent in the process of hiring foreign national employees.

    Successful human resource professionals should be equipped with not only the know-how to drive their business but also the functional knowledge and expertise to navigate the employment-based U.S. immigration system to recruit and retain top talent for a particular job opportunity when necessary.

    In that regard, while there are any number of best practices that can turn a good recruiter or human resources professional into a great one, a common trait among successful human resource professionals, as it relates to the U.S. immigration laws, hiring rules, benefits and compensation requirements, is the ability to stay ahead of the U.S. immigration process to better anticipate challenges or bumps in the road. In this way, you are able to maintain control over hiring, retention and termination situations, as they apply to your organization’s foreign national employees. The building blocks of developing such control are good habits, as developed through effective training and utilizing experienced, sophisticated immigration law partners. Good habits are typically supported by clear, well- designed internal policies and goals – they are never reactionary. Having the foresight and training to understand how each step serves to get your organization to achieve those goals is more than half the battle.

    This program is designed to provide human resource professionals with experience with employment- based immigration issues with an overview of some of the more advanced challenges faced in hiring, retaining and, when necessary, terminating foreign national employees, with a special focus on providing practical tips to assist you in your day-to-day duties while helping to demystify the U.S.immigration process for your organization.

    Speakers/Presenters: Scott R. Malyk, Esq., and Anthony F. Siliato, Esq. Meyner and Landis LLP

    Scott Malyk is a partner with Meyner and Landis LLP’s Business Immigration Law Group specializing in all aspects of corporate and business-related immigration law. Scott is an experienced, results-oriented attorney who represents a diverse group of domestic and multinational corporations and their employees, providing both short- and long-term guidance in connection with the hiring, transfer and retention of international personnel worldwide.

    Anthony Siliato is the founder of Meyner and Landis LLP’s Business Immigration Law Group and has been practicing immigration law for more than 30 years. He is chiefly responsible for the firm's business and corporate-related immigration matters which involve the recruitment, hiring, transfer and retention of international personnel worldwide. In addition, Anthony counsels business clients in the areas of immigration-related compliance, investigations and immigration due diligence for corporate mergers and acquisitions.