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    Talent Management Strategies for Driving Organizational Performance

    Date: May 21, 2015, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
    Hopsscotch, 286 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ. This location is reachable via the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Harborside Financial Center stop, the PATH Exchange Place stop; or there are parking lots in the area.
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    Talent Management Strategies for Driving Organizational Performance

    Results of numerous surveys indicate that the success of any organization is closely linked with workers’

    perceptions about how they are being treated and valued by management, and the resulting extent to

    which they are committed to and engaged in contributing to the organization’s mission and objectives.

    Unfortunately, more than 50% of workers are not highly committed or engaged, mainly as a result of their

    dissatisfaction related to leaders’ ineffectiveness in managing and building positive relationships with their

    staff members.

    Laurie Murphy is the founder and president of PeopleAreKey, Inc., a recruiting and talent management

    consulting firm that helps organizations in a wide range of industries to recruit, develop, engage, and

    retain high-performing diverse talent, and enhance success in accomplishing key business goals and


    This program addresses the critical need to enhance strategic talent management knowledge and

    capabilities among senior HR professionals (and other leaders), and to align their initiatives and actions

    with business objectives to drive increased individual and organizational performance results.

    Learning will be focused on creating strategic alignment and impact through key aspects of

    hiring/selection, communication/recognition, performance management, and learning/development that

    drive engagement and performance. 

    Participants will gain valuable ideas and approaches that will help organizations meet or exceed

    performance goals for productivity, quality, cost control, profitability, employee and customer satisfaction

    and retention, and other key objectives.  Leverage the positive impact for your organization --- Invite other

    leaders to attend!

    Primary learning objectives:

    1. Understand linkages between talent management effectiveness, employee commitment and

    engagement, and individual/organizational performance results.

    2. Learn multiple strategies in key areas of talent management to help enhance the positive impact that

    HR and other leaders can create related to individuals’ engagement and organizational success. 

    3. Identify actions needed to reduce the likelihood and adverse consequences of employee

    disengagement, undesirable staff turnover, reduced productivity, and other related preventable

    organizational losses/costs.