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Chapter History

    Our Chapter’s History

    The Gateway Chapter of SHRM, the Society for Human Resources Management, is at the center of commerce and industry, politics and culture in New Jersey. Based in Jersey City and serving HR professionals and their companies, the Gateway Chapter is vibrant and dynamic in serving the professional and the profession since 1998.

    As Ellis Island is the Gateway to Freedom, our SHRM Gateway Chapter  is the portal to Professional growth as we stand at the center of a renaissance in corporate, financial, manufacturing and service business growth being situated between Newark, Northern NJ and New York City.

    Our Chapter’s mission is to provide Human Resource knowledge, information and skills development to HR professionals for their career growth and for the support of NJ employers, as well as our workforces either local, or around the globe.

    The Gateway Chapter of SHRM is a 100% National Chapter and we are proud to support our members by offering monthly meetings, networking, and camaraderie to all who join.

    Please join us at our next meeting event!